Deadly Mishaps, Yolo


All of those mishaps zinakaa ni kama there is high likelihood all the guys involved survived.

On the last one where the helicopter is ploughed there are 2 bystanders wanapigwa sweep na hiyo ndege. They are taking pictures of the planes landing with their phones. Hao hawakusurvive. They were cut into to two

Silly Chinese. This is God’s work in action.

How do you know

The entire video and commentary is on bestGore . com

Fool… bestgore closed shop in November

Eeeh, bestcore is where you spend your free time? I kiff up!

Yeah, I used to.

Remember few years back when I inboxed a talker some gory kumtishia?

Entire site archive is still available at the internet archive.

this site stores 410 BILLION pages from as farback as 1996. Sasa Novermber 2020 juzi tu? (accessible via the Wayback Machine)

Aside from the graphic content, such sites offer an excellent unfiltered glimpse into the human psyche and life in general. I’ve learned a lot from them. Things which I used to take casually I’m more cautious with now, and I have a deeper appreciation just getting one more day on this planet. Everyone should know exactly how fragile life is, and how lucky they are to go through it in a relatively normal way.

Bestgore ilianza 2008

He’s a Somali. They are naturally interested in such bs that’s why they can cut a nigga’s off with so much ease.

2008 is pretty recent. Internet archiving started in the mid 1990s. Web crawlers scan the web and download entire sites and save them. Google does it too.

Let me pull up articles from KenyaLis, the original Wanderi’s site

you’ve reminded me of saw the movie, hiyo ina sound kama the phrase the mastermind used. People should be grateful for life

Hawa waliingia mitini juzi pale elitoret

I’m surprised that the guy that had been dragged by the plane into the pit just stood up

sijasema internet archiving ilianza 2008, nakuambia bestgore ilianza 2008

Take note I was a member huko who contributed quite a bunch

adrenaline can make you stand up even with your head cut right off your torso

Next time I see a lorry carrying a load, I will approach it as a hazard and keep my distance.