[B]Burial aborts after body ‘smiles’ at mourner

Residents of Bundo Village in Nyamira County are still in shock after a burial ceremony aborted following an incident where a baby ‘rose from the dead’.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, the father of the baby said that his wife gave birth to a premature baby at seven months of pregnancy on Sunday at their home and was later taken to Nyamira Level Four Hospital for treatment.

He added that the baby was put in a nursery until Tuesday when it was pronounced dead by the hospital nurses, which led to the family making burial arrangements.

Things took a weird twist during the ceremony after a woman requested to view the body in order to pay her last respects but was shocked to find the ‘dead’ smiling back at her from inside the coffin.

The shocked mother, who is still admitted at the hospital’s maternity ward, expressed joy at finding her child alive.


When this baby grows up would you ever tell him/her about what happened?[/B]

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They should sue the nurses plus the hospital thats a serious case of misdiagnosis


The baby died later

And why not? You keep reminding him /her how lucky they were not to be buried alive and forgotten. It’s a miraculous story.

Wrong! Emmanuel is indeed a befitting name!

what do you mean? He died or not?

The baby died

For those saying the baby died…wekeni link. Otherwise the baby is alive and well

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If the baby died later then the sadness must have trippled!

They even burnt the coffin, filled the hole and sent mourners packing only for the baby to die later in the evening… They now have to repeat it all over again. Sad

Wooooh…so sad! I guess they celebrated too soon!

The baby is still alive…nini mbaya na nyinyi? where is the link?

Now am as confused as the babies parents…one moment hes alive am happy next alikufaa…am sad! Akhhh Godamnit si muamue mara moja nikae nikijua!

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My friend are you the nanny or what? It was on national television jana jioni citizen TV. The baby succumbed later after being taken to hospital

Sasa wewe unabishana nini??? The baby died and it was in the news ala