Dead talkers

The anonymous nature of this kijiji means that we never get to know those who depart .Their handles just stop being active as they travel to wherever they came from .RIP

We dont care men hakuna mtu analazimishwa kubonga uku its their choice

There’s only one God, and his name is death…and what do we say to death?

Not today.

Anonymity in this village is an illusion…

It’s wonderful to die anonymously. No crocodile tears.

Like i know you lakini sitakwambia how

you are anonymous to other talkers unless you are @Jimit

Not really… uku wasee ni mabeste beyond this madhouse. This Yr alone I have met 3 talkers.

Ata mimi nakujua…:smiley:

GOT. Arya sword trainer

Kwani who died? Are you telling them to rest in peace in advance? Anyway, in 2090, every talker here will have gone to the other land.

I’m reminded that talkers dont die ,they fade away

Hehehe. Factual but hilarious

Did they have big deeks?

Unlike you we are decent / straight ppl… project your faggotry elsewhere.

Speaking of dormant handles…msee wetu @Lerionka alizama tu hivyo…hope uko fiti mzeiya wherever you are.

Black is filthy and subservient; never decent

:D:D:D… you are last person i expect to mention the word filthy. You mudasuckers are at the top of the food chain.

Labda he got “got”…witness to murder

Gosh, these thoughts