Dead lion found in restaurant freezer

A dead lion was found in a restaurant freezer by a health protection officer during an inspection of the kitchen.
The animal’s lifeless body was found in the freezer of a restaurant during an inspection by environmental officers.Alongside the corpse - which the restaurant owner told health inspectors had been donated to him by a nearby zoo - were food items due to be served to unsuspecting customers.
The discovery has been revealed by health protection manager of Chichester District Council in west Sussex, South East England, Ian Brightmore - but he refuses to comment on where the incident took place.He told the Daily Star newspaper: "When I was working in another area I came across a dead lion in a freezer."The food establishment was near a zoo and the owner kept pack hounds so it was food for them.“Because the lion was kept in a place where food for human consumption was stored, of course we had to take action.”