Dead Beat, mambo ni moto

The number of bitter single mothers in this group is extreme .Prezzo ameanikwa huko and post had like 2000 comments,99.9% being from women all bitter single mothers…wanaume iko shida.

Latest one kumulikwa:

[ATTACH]33[/ATTACH] This is JOSHUA WAINAINA KAMAU host of the show “young rich” on K24 we dated all through campus Makerere university Kampala and the moment i got pregnant he bolted! i have never received a dime from him. He has never visited his now almost 6yr old daughter! SHAME ON YOU JOSH! dare you come claim your daughter when she becomes YOUNG RICH! ghasia.

pia prezzo am telling you nimejoin hyo group…hihi ul just laf aki

those are rachets…lack of self respect