Dead beat in trouble

Some trouble seems to be brewing on dead beat, the admins are now asking for money in order to protect themselves.Choices have consequences.Heres a recent post from an admin:

The course of true anything never does run smooth. ~Samuel Butler. If you have been on BB or are a member, am sure you will know " Nobody ever walks alone" it’s always has certainly been members. Today our very own needs your support. Jackson Njeru is a wanted man to dare touch where everyone has been so careful to tread on . We need your financial support to help with follow up and miscellaneous. It takes money, to waddle through. If, you are in a position to support with whatever amount please send it to his line on 0700931621, Our target is over 60k and every little adds up. Long live comrade power, long live DBK.

Someone’s life is endangered for their selfless deed of trying to reach out. Anyone trolling here will be BANNED. If you have nothing to say, don’t do it here. Having said that I believe everyone is on here at least because they can identify with the issues being addressed here, or perhaps keeping a keen eye if their names, better others, brothers, sisters etc do ever pop up? Either way, let’s keep civil please. Regards

Since women are the ones he has been helping, let them help him now

hihi…kwani ameshikwa?

everybody saw it coming, he was stepping on big peoples toes.:smiley: