Dead Beat Admin Sued

A County Assembly member (MCA) has sued the publisher of the Facebook group ‘Dead Beat Kenya’, which seeks to expose irresponsible fathers and mothers who have abdicated their parental responsibilities.

Paul Karungo Thangwa, the MCA for Ngewa ward in Kiambu County, obtained a restraint order against the publisher of the online social media platform.

Mr Karungo had moved to court under a certificate of urgency in the case where he has sued for defamation.

‘Dead Beat’ Facebook page allows users to post photographs, phone numbers and other personal information about the men and women they accuse of neglecting their children.

It was started by businessman Jackson Njeru on September 6, and has since gone viral, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers.

Some of those who have been named and shamed include politicians, musicians and businessmen, for allegedly failing to take care of their children.

things are about to get messy…this pple actually have a case

true they have a case…defamation