DDR3 8GB 1333MHz Laptop RAM

Offers zikuje please. I need to upgrade HP Elitebook 8760W laptop. I need this chip asap.

KES 528.00 55%OFF | Original DDR2 DDR3 2GB 4GB 8GB 800MHz 667MHz 800 667 1333Mhz 1600Mhz DDR 2 2G notebook memory Laptop RAM SODIMM for intel amd

2500/= compared to 6500/=hapa Kenya


Thanks guys, but I had considered this and thought it will be too long before it gets to me. That’s why I had to come here.

Those selling them locally will tell you that this one’s are fake Chinese products but yet they have imported the same product

Jaribu banggood

:smiley: hawa majamaa ni jokers

a spare part for my car walitaka kuniuzia 8500 na kwa app ni 410/=
20 times the price banae :smiley:

Wadau, nimekubaliana nanyi. After assessing my needs, I realize it would be better to import it vile @SwagMargeddon amesema. 4k difference can but another 8GB for my Xeon desktop.

Kuna items locally is better. But for most electronics they are ok but you should always be careful with shipping fees…

Ukitaka brand kama crucial use amazon na servo stores

Shipping has of late become quite nightmarish. I have parcels from July 2019 that are yet to be delivered. Let me see about Savostore. They may offer a better option. Thanks bro.