Days of yore

Kumbukeni hizi siku

@Randy kwa site:D:D:D fundi fake yaani bonoko


What used to amaze me in those sites, was the amount of ugali that was consumed .

Na kiraiku ama fegi zilikuwa zinaitwa champion

And those chaps were very fit.

And they would sing songs as they worked.

We called it ,‘githoya’. Those guys, the two of them, used to feed on 2 kg ugali for lunch alone. It would mostly be taken with milk. But those wazees would be feared for their physical fitness. They walked with an arched backside and they could beat the hell out of you if you messed with them. Plus they all smoked Roster or unprocessed tobacco. And never talked a lot.

Ama pia ilikuwa inaitwa kigecha huko sides za nyeri