Day well spent

Leo being a Sunday I feel more blessed than ever before. Just got back from Winners Chapel Nairobi na believe me the pastor gave out a very powerful sermon proclaiming all the good things to come my way. Leo hata nimetoa sadaka ya 3k bila kufeel. Anyways I had my driving license for dedication with a declaration that before the end of the month I will be driving a better car. I believe this will surely come to pass.


Now back to worldly issues, kuenda out kufunga Wangechi na kurudi anioshe tarimbo

The last guy who posted here that he was from church and feeling blessed ended up in a forest with severe beatings by thugs. Take care.


and the acclaimed blessings will be made a washout/hogwash as your tarimbo is washed …



and the bible is sure wi-ad

Hahaha! Another feisty sermon! You should have dedicated your tarimbo instead that no chlamydia,herpes,gonorrhea from Wangechi shall prosper. Wewe utaDFHKM!

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My best verse,
Ecclesiastes 8:15

[SIZE=4]“So I commended pleasure, for there is nothing good for a man under the sun except to eat and to drink and to be merry”[/SIZE]

Now why can’t you post the verse…Sisi sio nanini ati we’re spitting verses & chapters! Pris if you want us to learn something copy paste here!

Hahaha … I remember it was from this same joker, huyu mujamaa wa Porsche ya wenyewe

Yeaah its him,

Swafi, lets wait for his next hekaya after today’s blessings

na huyu pastor is 3k richer baada ya kupeana hekaya

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Ata ukitoa 3k tunajua uko na doh bado.Tuko kwa gate kama kawaida. Lakini ukikosa kitu ujue utaneed hiyo gari mpya by kesho vile tutahama na hiyo mzee.

Hehe, that was that am more than careful now. Once beaten …

A girl nyako come slowly … I know that is a possibility though chances are 1:1000. Am already protected si pastor aliniombea hata 5 hours hazijaisa

@shocks @kush yule mnono @emali and @Bus take it slowly, blessing zangu zinakuja tena kwa fujo. I believe in miracle and wonders, ni hayo tu

Hahaha, leo nacheza mechi away you wont get me ng’oo

mtu hutoa sadaka ya 3k huwa hasemi