Day 7 without sex

Martha Karua starts to look like some quality dry fry material.

Pre-Nut non-clarity.

vile royco cubes amesea apo juu

mesho inangaa in a few

Mnasemaga mifupa mnakosea…

tomba hata paka

Only 7 days

Even Mr Njoka was thinking the same !

safi brathee…naona u keep ur word

I have a crush on her since 2004. Find her to be a good MILF. People mocked me when I said so. I see we share the same fantasy

Wacha mchezo

i doubt she has strong legs

Tsidumbu ziko sawa


@Abba had confessed somewhere that he loves ladies with strong legs (whatever that means)

You have to be me to understand.:slight_smile:


No, for me it’s just pre nut Non-clarity but it’s a full on fantasy crush for you. Kijana iko shida pahali :D[ATTACH=full]159337[/ATTACH]

Eeh :D:D I have special reasons why I do:) nothing to do with face

:eek: Thirst is real.