naumwa na mgongo dawa ni???

Ngono, thank me later.

visit a doc.and thank me immediately:)

team ufisi nn

Maintain the right posture during work
Sleep the right way at night.

Ukiumwa na mgongo usilale. Tembea uone vile utafeel after.

change your position to missionary


karuma pap

Magoti zinauma pia?

It may be something to do with your posture when giving a BJ.


o_Oo_Oo_O…that came from you?

…have it checked…are you having your MPs…?..welcome to the slum…

picha ya mgongo ikiumwa?

Real advice.

piga tizi kiasi kias

It happens when you reach menopause. Consider it as a right of passage.

Pardon my ignorance, is this @missdee a shemale ama a waiganjo?

Karibu nyumbani mama Walcott.

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