Dawa ya Hangie

Need some advice on how to avoid hangie after a drinking spree. I drink 7-8 beers whenever niko out…sijui kama kuna a way out to avoid the drain and hangdown the following morning ama any alternative to akoho ya kuwa high

Guarana …
kujia mbili na chips hapa kayole

  1. Do not drink
  2. Take enough water before (kumimina fombe kwa mwili iko dehydrated ni sure bet ya hangi) and during your drinking spree.
  3. Eat well before drinking na kama huna shida ya nausea if you eat during drinking, have bites in between your drinks.
  4. Drink what your body can handle. Whom you tryna impress drinking more than you can handle? Try to change brands uone kama there’s a beer inakupeleka better than the other.
  5. Get enough sleep after drinking. Kukunywa hadi saa kumi asubuhi na unaamka 8a.m in kujikaanga. If you can’t get the same hours of sleep that you do kawaida or more, don’t drink ama malizia kwa beer mbili, tatu. Sirry!

Ongeza 1 more beer na nusu ya Richot ama Smirnoff na hutapata hangover ata kidogo. In case upate hangover, kunywa chupa moja ice cold in the morning.

Thank you mboch Kiburi

Drink more beer until your liver gets used to it

Ni kutoa lock asubuhi na mapema

Amka asubuhi fanya jogging Hadi you sweat. Utaskia harufu ya pombe ikitoka. Ukioga hio siku uta shinda uko fresh.

Drink 6 glasses of water.

Try coconut water, thank me later.


Also you need to educate yourself on how alcohol affects your body/liver .There’s something called a standard drink (most imports are labelled due to legislation. Huku Kenya tumelala).This is the amount of alcohol your liver can process from your system in one hour.
E.g a tot glass(30ml) ya makali ya 40% alcohol strength is one standard drink . Light beers za under 4% have approximately 3, medium beers za 4-6% around 4STD drinks ,strong beer more than 5% (akina Guinness ), wine za over 10% vile vile iko NA rate yake .
So you need to know beer ile unakunywa iko NA how many standard drinks.
Say you take beer zako nane ,you need to know how many standard drinks are in your container. Ukipata ni 3*8= 24 . Kwa hivo it will take 24 hours to eliminate all the alcohol in your bloodstream completely! Hata ukapimwa NA breatherlyzer your BAC( blood alcohol concentration ) will be zero.
When you wake up with a hangover, your liver imelala ikifanya kazi NA bado inaendelea breaking down liquor ya jana .there are endless things you can do to reduce hio feeling ya hangie but bottom line you can’t beat the science of how you body processes poison(s)

@Mapesa_ beside kukula, maji na kulala vile umeambiwa, plus the type of drink and processing…the other solution is spacing. If you do 7-8 drinks, that should be spaced to 1 drink every two hours. @mbwakali I believe what happens is it takes the body 1 hour to process and eliminate poison ya 1 bottle of beer from the body. But this is also subject to the speed of consumption.
Akisip 1 beer pole pole for one hour, mwili nitafanya kazi optimally the next hour to process and eliminate poisons.
Hapa ndio story ya chakula, maji na story/kurombosa comes in

Greasy breakfast. Something like beef stew, fried bacon strips or Spanish omelette with a side dish of your choice. Drink lots of water before you go to bed and on the morning after. The dehydration is what really gets you. A joint also helps, if you partake of the holy herb.