David Ole Sankok

Nominee 001 has a message for all of you


…the wife was bound by her maasai tradition otherwise angelilia kwa choo

Maasai traditions huwa aje kwani?

He isn’t very brilliant , or is he? Let’s give it another 10-15 years and he’ll figure what an humble pie is.

Hes never been smart this one

the most useless MP takataka

Paid university fees sharpening knives n mitumba. Mbona ina-sound kama ile story smokies na mayai.

Flankly this is very uninspiring.
Seems like he does not want to be called Mzee.
Aambiwe uzee haumbishi hodi.

I started buchery na harufu ya mutura

Sancocky bastard this delusional fool is.

I knew this guy, at UoN. as a fresher he used to stay in the hall that had the old CCU, the one just near the tunnel under statehouse road. With another Masai friend of his, Ki*a, they were rich kids (the bragged all they needed was to sell a few cows for leisure money). Him and a few other masais would troupe to a senior politician Suni once in a while and get loads of cash, that era of political cash handouts. Fast forward, this guy is on record as having said that if Jesus was to appear from one direction, he would rush to the opposite not to be healed of this disability coz it’s the source of his livelihood


kumbe ni ghaseer tu ya kawaida atajua hajui

his sonu campaigns were financed by a then powerful Kanu politician from masai land

Ghaseer takataka yeye