David Beckham

Nice watch, who can guess the make and cost?


sorry, wrong forum. Hii eka kwa general

Its a [SIZE=4]Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime, it costs almost $11,000[/SIZE]

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yep @aviator ako na decoders 330 kwa mkono moja :smiley:

That ass…:slight_smile:

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I have never understood why some women are fascinated by a guy’s ass. Ebu “school” me please. I like Shemar’s watch too.


ideas ideas… mmmh nicee watch

aaagh, si ungesema unatako tu tako:mad:

tako gani @Riddim ?

In his heydays playing for Man Utd, the guy used to make lots of women leave the stadium with wet panties as they rushed home to finish off with their dildos. Lucky SOB.

Are you thinking what am thinking?


Sijacomment kwa hii thread. Angalia vyenye wanaume wako busy wakidiscuss watch kwa sassy thread.:confused::confused:

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Isn’t it obvious she’s talking about the ass and Unicorn pointed it out. Do you see anywhere I have commented about the watch? I let it pass.

Hapo mimi siyuko


@Elin = @Atwoli = @junkie = GAY


Mujamaa nilikuambia utakujio, shauli yako

@Njamba Huthu ndio huyu mfwasi weny