Dave chappelle namaliswa kisiasa


Dave Chappelle is a stand up comedian, am sure he can come up with a joke to tell his wife and they both can laugh aloud about this whole ordeal

Black kings, no woman will ever leave you for cheating. Never.

the sexual harassment allegations on Ron Jeremy (the pornstar) have been reopened.
men just need to be careful with their dealings with women.
women are out for money (free easy money at that)

Azelia banks is unstable messing with her is a recipe for disaster.

azelia banks ni malair kamili been f*cked by everyone …and she is a crazy woman ile mbaya …loco…lakini huyo @LuandaMagere anagonga kisoldier…hapa tu…hapa tu…ehh…hapa…tu…

Dave Chapelle already has a joke about the same scripted into his next special…I came across it on Twitter too. Dave is on another level of not giving a fuck. He has been attacked by the LGBTQ and continued with his jokes and he is still at it. This is not Bahati ama Ringtone

Women really think having sex with rich and influenctial people is an achievement.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Oh it is if you have evidence of said coital act

Who is she?
Asking for ile kijiji ya wazee.

She a rapper /kinguru…


Lini wanawake wata realize waki mangamangwa wao ni slut na wanaume waki manganamangana wanaitwa ndume?

hii sura inanifanya nihuzunike,sijui kwa nene

:D:D:D:D I cant believe all those people actually took your misinformed word for it. Banks isn’t known for being slutty, if anything, she’s alienated so many men who would otherwise have fvcked her because she’s so mentally unstable.

Her only issue is being extremely abrasive in her delivery and also having some mental issues which aren’t properly addressed by a professional.

Not to say that she doesn’t sometimes say things which no one else will and which are true, like in the case of Lizzo’s weight … again, her biggest issue is delivery.