Dating from a different religion.

Elders leteni experience. Have you ever dated someone from a different religion? Muslim dating a Christian ama Muslim dating an Indian etc. Iliwork out aje? Na can you recommend it ama differences ni too much?

Usha jibu swali lako

Muslim girls… Shetani Sana… Hekaya loading

You are muslim, right?

Huyu ni yule Aragon tulikuwa na yeye Klist ama ni Imposter?

If you are the one, kindly inbox we need to catch up…

Hindi na islam. Wewe ndio utaconvert to their religion

There’s this habit a certain clique of Muslims who fast track relationships… Then they make you wed… After the family gets the marriage certificate they move forward and get you killed so that they get the dowry coz as per the Muslim religion a woman’s dowry comes first before inheriting the husband’s estate… They quote a high price for the dowry when they have killed you thereafter they go after your family mpaka walipe dowry… And during your relationship with that woman hatawai Pata mtoto… Since if they get you killed your family will insist on staying with your child.

Leta hekaya

Why would someone put themselves in a postion where they will have to kill someone else to get dowry? An entire clan to be specific…what if you are a peasant:D

During Corona mid June 2020… Went to hell and came back… As per the above narration it continues like this… I met a lady by the name Salo through a massage parlor and after months and months of milking the balls dry… I get a hey message from unknown number through what’s app… I replied hey… And got the lady’s name that her name is Hafsa… Ffwd, we get to meet and be milking my nuts dry at Lazarus lounge Moi avenue… Then after 4 consecutive meetups… The lady insists that we can’t continue with the Meet up since her father is not happy with it since it’s called ku zin in Islam… That I must convert to Muslim and do Nikah(this is marriage in Muslim) for me to continue enjoying the goodies… I agree since as an elder I wanted to be eating goodies… We plan for the nikah and I set the finances in order… We went to Jamia Mosque and we were chased away… They said that they cannot officiate a non sense wedding without the woman’s divorce and without both family members present or any representative of our families… We then move to Eastliegh where we meet a shiekh… I can’t recall the name… And there they part with my 5K… Before going to the sheikh in Eastliegh we went to the girl’s house where I was converted to Islam and I got the name Mahir:D:D:D:D… We proceeded to the sheikh in Eastliegh and we were given an ashy marriage certificate… Days turned into 2months and it’s then after the 2 months I missed death by a whisker and a friend of mine got me off the hook since he told me that I had fell into the hands of a deadly syndicate… I went to the chief at donholm we moved in the house I picked up my belongings and off I vamosed… The lady alipotea na giza… Coming after 2days… The lady was no where to be seen… I picked up my items and moved to another location… And now I am happily living as a bachelor

Hii Tabia iko na Borana Somali

In a Christian-Muslim intermarriage, Only Christians can revert to Islam and not the vice versa…they will frustrate you my fellow villagers and even killing you ain’t big deal to them.

Hekaya for Zeinab kanislimu PART 2 coming

@Pill hill & @kipserempeter81 kila mtu aunde thread yake mlete hekaya complete.

Niko na hadi thermal images of the lady… I just want members approval niweke full hekaya

Whats the difference ya chikuyu muislamu pale mombasa na chikuyu mwenzake naro moru mkorino?
Tomba kabila zote,dini achia mafala

Missed death by a whisker how…poisoning, slaughter, tampered vehicle, assasin…how?!?

let me put a thread with the whole hekaya… I could save a brother

Niaje mahir?

Nimecheka sana hapo mahali kwa mahir. Tf? Why that name?

Stick to your religion if you don’t want trouble. Only simps would covert to their waifu’s religion.

Hafsa Nurow ama? I know that lanye