Dating D-

I keep saying, dating D- is tantamount to signing your death warrant. [ATTACH=full]345437[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]345438[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]345439[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]345440[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]345441[/ATTACH]

Where are the gory images lakini if that ^^^ story is to be believed?

:D:D bitch gone learn today


wapi barbecue?

This is enough to take him to jail even if he doesn’t lay a finger on her.

Beach ni mamako.

Ata wewe utakula panga ya kisogo:D:D

DCI wanakuja kukulisha ndengu juu ya wizi

Na ugly bitch Ni wewe


Guy’s true name ni Leonard Too and was in school with my neighbor

Amemaliza bibi?

Well shiet…

To be honest APs wako na kasoro fulani. They have a reputation for being crackpots within the disciplined forces and even among their fellow police. That video of Al Shabaab getting their hands and heads chopped off by grinning psychos, those guys were APs. I don’t know what they do to kurutus at their training college in Embakasi but they come out a bit nuts.

kumbe amereverse jina:D:D:D:D:D
nimeona Oot nikafikiri ni turkana ama njemps

to be honest there’s a point you reach where you wish that woman to just die…

I weep for our nation. The guy is clearly unhinged. What is sadder is how many people here think his behaviour is OK or funny. :frowning:

Kenyan officers (esp) junior are usually disillusioned, you find them at gory murder scenes, suicide scenes, drowning, fatal accidents shoot outs you name it.

Until we can address the entire Criminal Justice System from top to bottom, the people will write off the police as a nuisance and the police will plod on under the whims of their senior officers and their pay masters.

Mzee Kibaki did a wonderful job of funneling their pay through banks and saccos otherwise ni line walikuwa wanapanga. General Nkaissery too sided with the officers against the Kavuludi circus, while Brigadier Ali was adamant on reshuffles.

The law enforcement is deliberately kept ignorant that they are, in fact on the working class category same as the civilians they disdain. The people too loathe the police and therein the media finds an opportunity to fan the hate.

This is a technique called Infamy, where you create confusion of principles such that two parties with the same interests cannot speak the same language.
The public thinks the officers are ignorant and surprise surprise the same sentiment is what the police believe of the public.

Neither sides stops long enough to realize that they’re both have nots.

Well said.

It’s a sad state of affairs