Dating Advice

Do any of you struggle with dating…
i have lost of chicks i can have call anytime i need to get laid and they show up.
Some even hit on me on events or road.
However, no one wants to commit since most chics assume am too “handsome” to be be single.
Note i see myself as average guy and was asking how does one go about it?
Looking for advice from those dating only.

Pengine when you open your mouth to express yourself they form an opinion about you?

Say hi to anyone wearing a skirt. Itisha namba. Sema unadai dem si friend. Ukishindwa kula lanye ama piga bajaj

Picha ya handsome ikwom

Unataka kukamua handsome boy?

Ni venye hauna ka-kitu.
Tafuta pesa kijana.
When you’re a birrionare, it’s the women who will suggest that you get into a relationship.
In fact, they won’t mind if they become girlfriend or wife number 2.

Why are you gaaay? Brary fakin

Tafuta pesa wachana na sura. Watajileta kama nzi zikivamia mavi

Sikuizi dating ni kibarua whether you have money or not… it’s a jungle out here.

Timiza wajibu wako, kutumika kama kitombi sio hatia. Ndoa si ya kila mtu, watu wengine hawafai kuoa


Unakamua mkia?

aitikie wito na aache kulia

Same boat bro

shida si wasichan… i have lots… shida ni no one wants to commit, aty nakaa player

Shida ni most of you guys are too predictable around women. Where is your natural mystic? Make her crave for you alone.

i understand your grievances young blood, but take note, never try to chase a woman or beg her to stay. most of them see you like a dick on disposal but cannot commit maybe see you currently do not have your shit together. hiyo handsome unaongelea tupilia mbali na utafute kakitu. hawa wanawake ni kama mende kwa keja. hawakai mahali hakuna food.