Dating a Jehova witness

Would you date one ? if not why not ? There is this gal I met recently, a slim shady black beauty hivi, we have hit it well so far, we have scheduled for a date soon and kuna venye nanotice amenikufia ile mbaya, I can tell she is into it but one thing is that every-time she is hinting me things aint going to be rosy for her considering our differences in faith, she is a JW, are JWs allowed to date from outside their flock? are JWs a cult and she could potentially harm me if i agree to taking it further with her? I haven’t yet discussed about it with her … if am not going into it i dont want her to feel that i refused because of that. Advice.

JWs believe only 144,000 people will get into heaven. Tell her there is little chance of the both of you getting in together considering there over 19M JWs worldwide. So the best thing you can do before shedding this mortal coil is to dinyana till the trumpets of revelation sound out.
You can also promise to take her to animal orphanage to pet a lion like in these books of theirs:
that way she will feel she didnt miss out.


Ingrich…hama ni araka!

Kwani unataka ku-date huyo black beauty ama kanisa yenye anaenda? Msomee Watchtower kama venye @nairobilay amesema, twanga kitu bila huruma na ataitana mbinguni ile moja tu. Ukitwanga vizuri anaweza kufuata pia wewe kama religion.

Geez its just a date…vuka hilo daraja ulifikiapo

Geez its just a date…vuka hilo daraja ulifikiapo

No sex before marriage!


One time offer, call it my Eid gift to you :smiley:


Am a proud JW, and one thing is that we are discouraged (not forbidden) from dating outside our faith. There may be significant differences if you do not ascribe to the beliefs of our faith, for example we do not believe in the trinity. Thus it will be odd when you are saying your prayers to JC and she feels like you are worshiping another god.

And JW is not a cult- we are the only true church that follows God’s word. The 144K is a biblical revelation, so unless you want to challenge the bible, that is the truth.


True story? 144k only?

Haiya! am doing my homework… nikirudi ni maswali maswali maswali…

A staunch JW doesn’t eat mtura ina damu…heck they won’t even take a blood donation even if its their own blood being recycled back to their system.’s_Witnesses_and_blood_transfusions&sa=U&ved=0CAsQFjAAahUKEwiUxrbG6-TGAhUEORQKHa4mBEk&usg=AFQjCNFk4i4r3gxhPcdqi1uurZFY5rzhLw

Aviator si JW.



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now I get why you agree with the pastor when he says wasichana hakuna kupanda pikipiki, lakini hata usipo panda nduthi making it to 144,000 is mission impossible

Reminds me of a story about this guy who blew off a Jehova witness…they knocked at his door and asked him…“Jee, unamjua bwana Yesu?”…to which he replied “huyu Mimi simjui nimehama hapa juzi, hebu ulizia hapo door no.2 kwa caretaker pengine anamjua” then he banged the door.

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Do you believe in the contents of Revelations as chronicled in the bible?

True. We believe that blood is life, and matters of life are in the hands of God.

Sane churches pretend that verse doesn’t exist to keep sheeple believing they are all headed to heaven, but bibilia ni Hekaya all the same.
Why do you guys keep trying to get more converts to your religion, doesn’t this reduce your chances at making the 144k. If I was a believer I’d encourage others to keep the truth a secret to ensure I get to heaven just to sing praises to god forever


I always become Ali or Juma whenever Jehovah’s witnesses come knocking on the Rastaman door.