data recovery

my laptop with widows 7 crashed and gives a dumping memory notification before it produces the irritating sound and restarts, i want to send data from the partition with the widows files but from safe mode it cant detect external hard drive.
i dont want to recover data after installing widows,how can i use command prompt or any other method

Try booting a Linux-based OS from a USB stick. It might also provide you with other tools that you could use to diagnose the problem.

I hope this can help.

how will you lose data when you reinstall windows? just choose the do not format option

toa HDD kwa lapy.
weka kwa ATAPI/ SATA/ USB bridge. (e.g. a transcend ex-hdd housing)
weka hio hdd kwa anaa machine. it will now act as the external hdd.
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Ingiza linux distro and ufanye dd to another hard drive. If iko sawa you can just do the normal copying.

If you can’t get an external hdd enclosure/housing, look for this little guy: a SATA/USB cable. All you need is to remove hdd from your laptop and connect it to another machine to recover/transfer your important files.


hirens boot cd on flash disk

Connect ur hdd to another machine thru sata usb cable and Run testdisk(windows version available)… Check youtube on how to run testdisk… Its the simplest way out… Dont think of any other way.


well put