Data for sale?

How do people sell or buy data. Assume I want contact lists of 10,000 people. How much would it cost me? And that it is illegal, how do I make the payments.

You question is too vague… What kind of data are you looking for, email addresses, phone numbers? Niche?

Personal deatail ->> email, phone, location(county), ID/Passport and their names.

Be clear son. Hueleweki.

There’s almost no legal way to get this data. If you’ve read data protection laws you’ll understand.

Try buying at else you’ve to hack to get the data. But if you are patient you can get

Banks sell your data all the time.

As per the latest data protection laws, it’s illegal without your consent, if our legislation is in order you can sue them if they breach.

Who are the peoples that buy datas??
I got some