Darwin is pleased

[SIZE=5]Two touts hanging recklessly on a moving matatu died on Saturday night after the vehicle was involved in an accident on Jogoo Road, Nairobi.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]Reports indicate that the matatu rammed into an immobile lorry that had parked by the roadside at Hamza, near Buru Buru estate.
The two died on the spot. Another tout, who was sitted near the window, was injured during the accident.
It is reported that the driver of the bus was attempting to avoid colliding with a private car at the junction when he veered off and rammed into the lorry.
The junction, according to locals, is a notorious blackspot.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The matatu said to be owned by Ummoiner Sacco, has since been impounded as investigations into the incident continue.
Sources in the know claim that it’s the same vehicle that was impounded in September by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and its driver’s licence suspended for six months for reckless driving.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]Niliwaambia ile siku nitakuwa tikitator kwanza matatu culture itaisha. All PSVs will have the same color, na ukifanya upus kama huu your matatu gets taken to the impound yard and immediately gets crushed, uende ulie na huko ama high blood pressure ikuue. Bonobos can’t function without the threat of violence/massive financial loss constantly hanging over their heads.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Two Touts Killed In Tragic Matatu Accident In Nairobi[/SIZE]

I always say that. Negroes need maximum oppression to function.
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Those idiots will still go touting in hell instead of trying to rest in pieces!

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same driver, despite his license allegedly being revoked for a mere 6 months. This is what one Makau Stephen wrote on NTSA’s Facebook page after the agency handed out that slap on the wrist. His prophecy largely came true less than three months later.

Matatu business is taking a big hammering from uber, bolt etc.

Its only a matter of time. Before matatus were the in thing in the 70s taxis were once a dorminant force.

That Mamba matatu haiko biashara, its a front for Money laundering or something else.

Juzi imekuwa stripped, ikarudishwa vile ilikuwa. Kidogo kidogo imegongeshwa nyuma, ikatengenezwa immediately. Pimping pekee ya hiyo gari inacheza 3M hivi. Those repairs cost no less than 200K. All for what, hizo mia mia as fare? Makes absolutely no sense.

Bonobos can’t function without the threat of violence/massive financial loss constantly hanging over their heads.
I can’t agree more. It’s the only race shipped all over the world as slaves due their inherent stupidity.


Darwin indeed is pleased

ksh 100 per passenger times 18 = 1800 per trip. For 10 trips a day makes ksh 18000 per day. For 25 days a month makes ksh 450, 000 a month. In 1 year sans expenses you have ksh 5.4m. Its is possible to get your return in 2 years.

Mazematics ulisomea kwa dirisha. Kubali yaishe.

Juu inakunywa Maji? na insurance driver na conductor wanalipwa na Ruto? Take this umeffi calculations mbali sana na hii kijiji.

Mazematics ulisomea kwa dirisha. Kubali yaishe.

Hapo juu I said sans expenses. English ilikuja na meli.

Mazematics ulisomea kwa dirisha. Kubali yaishe.

The departed touts most probably have kids all over Eastlands so Darwin can only hope their genes were not the dominant ones.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: hasira mingi on a Thursday

“Sans” ni french so…

Tombwa wewe kwa hio kibanda yako pale 44.

Mamba ni moja, kuchachisha ndio burudan namble wewe.

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