darkest years.. part 2.

Now for those who are familiar with msa area ya tudor… Just past Saint augustine primary… utapita nyumba( blocks) tatu ufike hio ka junction ya kuingia Tudor Sports club nilikua nakaa hio hood till recently na watoi walikua wanasoma hapo busy bee academy… sasa baada ya kum strangle the moment ali regain conciousness alianza piga nduru ile mbaya and a neighbour called the cops. Haikumaliza dakika 20… karau hawa… mimi huyo makupa nikakua booked for attempted murder. Akaenda coast general aka obtain P3 na evidence againist me ilikua soo overwhelming… nikapelekwa koti and by sheer luck sikua nimetumia ile 3M… nikatoka na bond ya 1M pending trial… ndio nikaja jua the “wife” was one hell of a loaded woman. . Kumbe all this tyme alikua belgium na "akazalishwa na jamaa moja sonko.ndio nikaanza kuwaza na kujiuliza ni nini au wapi nilikosea. I wasnt that poor. I gave her anything she wanted. we never argued all the time…Ndio nikaja kujua he met the belgian hapo water sports aki jet skii… and now the rest is history. Nikaelezea hio story our company lawyer and he gladly took over my case…( pro bono) then battle ya attempted murder na custody ikaanza…( kuna mambo ingine siwezi zungumzia hapa ilifanyika wakati wa proceedings… bribery corruption . Intimidation. Threats etc…xyz). i owe my freedom to my lawyer who effortlessly fought for me despite all odds against me… and the witnessesess who testified on my behalf and ultimately her kin who managed to let her drop the charges against me. and who also testified on my behalf… i was granted full custody of my kids and thats what mattered to me most.

ningependa kuelezea mengi but i will leave it there. Kuna finer details siwes anika hapa… its private, sensitive and personal…

i hope all the derailers are familiar with this phrase… “”" TENDA WEMA, NENDA ZAKO “”"’ I played my part and now thats it…


sawa and where is she now ama alienda belgium.

huyo ni whore ulikuwa umefuga? whore aki zero graze kwako haimanishi amebadilika

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Divine intervention pia ni muhimu col kakende naona kama kuna forces against you upande wa ndoa …Doesnt mean your the problem but tafuta maombi hio sio kawaida…

kama ndrama kama findeo…

This is a true story… Pole bro

Thank God …alienda you have the kids to love you unconditionally n vice versa , trust me there are descent women out there…pray you will get one to take care of you n kids

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Huyo alikuwa poko bro. So sad and I have heard many horror stories from married men living in Msa about how their wives double dealing them with old white men.


Pole kaka, kuwa strong na hapana entertain upus from this kind of women. Concentrate on hao wakidi wako and God will bless you


wah noma sana, so what happened afterwards? bibi alienda wapi?

You have gone through a lot, U’r a strong man. But you story reaffirms what i have always beleaved n lived by, Whenever i get into any kind of relationship it has never been n it will never be based on just that ka emotion of love…It all about; What is their value system, what value will they add into my life, Can the possibly outsmart me, What is their history (background check)…i use this to ‘predict’ future behaviour…What kind of family did they grow up in n how do they relate with each other…women with a healthy relationships with dads make better wifes… For me it’s like job interview. It makes me look like a ‘duch’ but so far it has saved me a lot heartache…


Pole sana kwa yote yaliyo kutendekea. Kama vile @benja amesema weka Mungu na maombi mbele kwa harakati za kutafuta bibi mwingine. Most of the issues we sometimes face in life have an original beginning that is usually passed through generations. Only God can break that chain.Your purpose and destiny will unfold as you turn to God daily through prayer, study, worship, and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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Alikua na clean background check. His father even vouched for her. Nilikuja kujua later pia a lady ambae alikua anakaa adjacent to our flat, ndio alim hook up na huyo mzungu. Yuko na two villas in watamu
na holiday home in ukunda. Wanaishi antwerp. Guess i wasnt well off enuff for her. greed ya earthly possesion ni mbaya.


Ehh Msee. Wah! Man at least it all ended up your man. You are a hero to men everywhere mzito.

Where ia the woman, do you still see her? Does she come see the kids, are you still a single father, the woman you dumped over ther wkend, how did she treat your kids? Was she looking after them as a loving mother?

pole mblo just be strong and be there for the kids always…

Thats the problem at the moment. Kids had grown very fond of her. Na alikua anawapenda tena sana… they are asking me all sorts of questions about her as to why shes leaving. But ave made my decision. I need some time out. … july naenda leave and i will have all the time to reflect. They say that time is a healer.


What did the ex wife want when she came back(b4 umnyonge)?

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Baada ya kufanya upelelezi wangu baadae nilikuja kujua ni kwanini she did that. Apparently all my assets .land… plots… shares… 2swahili houses in bakarani … bank accounts… life insurance… beneficiaries ni watoi wangu… plot moja tu kule miritini ndio tuko na joint shares. Car is under my name. Alijiona less entitled to my properties and felt the urge to own her own properties. sweat yangu niya watoi wangu…

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All this because she wanted to wallow in more money and wealth. I hear “ya dunia hulipiwa humu duniani” Maybe her dose is on the way.