Darkest six years of my life.u

One fine morning… now its almost seven years and some months, niliamka mapema juu ya kopoteza usingizi nikaamua tu wacha niamke mapema at least ni prepare watoi for school. Nikawapikia tea, brushed their shoes and by 6am nikawasindikiza kwenda shule. Nikarudi, nika iron nguo zangu and by 7am nilikua ready kuishia job. Nikaingia bedroom, kissed my “wife” and my almost 2yr old daughter a goodbye kiss… Mimi huyo i left for work. Kutoka job around 5pm nikapitia pub nikameza ka VAT69 nikipitia gazeti faster faster juu nikiwa job, hakuna hio time. Nikafika home by 7pm just in time to watch news. Kufika napata tu my first born na second born pekeyao kwa hao nikadhani tu labda wife ako kwa neighbour wanapeana muchene zao. Kufika 8pm i sensed something is not right coz by 8:30pm watoi huwa washakula supper and ready for bed. Nikatuma my son to the neighbour aangalie kaa mamayake yuko huko since her phone was off. kufika akapata tu his sister( my two year old daughter) na neighbour. Ndio neighbour akaja akanishow that my “wife” alimuachia mtoi at around 2pm na kumwambia anaenda tao and she will be back by 4pm. Akaishia then nikaingia kitchen and hurriedly cooked for the kids then they ate and slept. Nikabaki sitting room waiting for her to show up. By 10pm i started calling her family members asking for her whereabouts but none knew where she was. Ikafika asubuhi and called my general manager at work, explained myself and out of mercy anipea 3days off. Wacha nianze kuzunguka to the all police stations insearch of her… nikaingia all hospitals mpaka after 3days nikaamua kutembelea mortuaries… and" lucky "enough she was not there either… then nikaanza kukusanya pesa just incase someone called to demand ranson for her release. In total nikakusanya 3.5M.

A week passed… then another week .Week after another and weeks turned into a month… endless visits to police stations and hospitals mpaka finaly nika open a missing person file. All this time, my kids were realy hurting asking me when is their mom going to show up… had nothing to tell them but to all just kneel and pray together for her well being wherever she is. . Month turned into two months then more months then ikafikia mwaka… the pain and anguish at that time had reached its limit till i started contemplating suicide just to end my pain and misery. Nikabuy poison nikaingia bedroom ready to consume it and die. But just when i was about to, my little daughter knocked asking me to prepare her milk. Out of nowhere i sobbered up and asked myself what is that i was about to do ?? Who will take care of my kids if i end my miserable life ?? I owe my little daughter big time till date. Then the second year passed… then third year passed also… all this time praying that a corpse might surface somewhere at least nijue alipass on so that my pain and anguish ipungue.

fourth year ikafika… na ikamalizika… . Fifth year vile vile… my kids by this time walikua wame suffer ile mbaya psychologicaly. They were in so much pain hata staki kukumbuka…

then one day at the end of the sixth year nimekaa sitting room na my little dota tukiwatch cartoon nikaskia knock… there she was right at my door step akiwa na mtoto anakaa sijui muhindi ama arab… nilijipata nimem strangle almost to death. infact alianguka chini nikadhani amekufa mpaka alipo regain conciousness 10 min later… thats when my woes began… she filled a case againist me for attempted murder… since she had clear visible marks on her neck ku prove kua she was indeed strangled… lemmie just leave the rest for another day… its all too painful to recal…


eish and the pattern is similar to the other story with the only difference coming in terms of the scale of time, the other one was one whole night and this one almost half a decade endelea as you exhale

We niaje. Si ulikuwa umenarrate story ingine tofauti hapa? She is not going to dissappear for five years and come back na muhindi. You have to leave. SAVE US THE HEKAYA.
I can see you are trying to depose the Hekaya Hall of Fame secretary general

this is for the first marriage, the other one was for the second marriage

You are the same person? Keep stories to one handle. Alafu he said he/you is recovering from the first marriage shit. This Hekaya is for the @Ice_Cube handle

am not him, I just remembered in the other thread he said he had a six year experience with the first wife and Luther told him to retell

@Ice_Cube … achana nae… its clear he didnt go thru all the comments i made in that thread. @dr luther and @Okiya… na kwanza okiya leo asubuhi ali request kaa naeza narrate what happened with my first marriage…

exit kabuda in comes kakende. anyone notice similarity?



People go thru a lot

he he he! SAA nacheka nini?

this hekaya sounds mexican ama those crappy Filipino flicks littering kenyan. tv uko sure haujabaki mtaani kupiga story na mboch???

go on… i’m listening

How I am reading this HEKAYA


ice cube ile link ulipeana sign in ya hio site iko wapi ive noticed its an interesting forum…sorry for the derailment col kakende but continue with the story we are listening and learning…

Bibi alikuwa kwa bada lingam na wewe unashinda kumtafuta



For those who want to decorate me with HOYA awards like to tell them that am sorry. Cant accept them. Nimeridhika na my humility award. Think all you want. Its a fucking free world…

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Don’t mind these young lads. The worst thing they have seen is a power outage on a weekend.


Furthermore what would one expect from someone who has no any parental responsibilities… ?? Itwa baba kwanza then come comment…

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