Dark web

Wadau nimedownload TOR Sasa nimeingia Deep web but nimeingiza njeve. DCI wanaweza kuwa rada yangu wanishike?

Unasafisha mesho ya watoi banae.

tafuta picha za watoi wakitombwa polepole.
kinoti ako na wewe

DCI now kitted to capture paedophiles, says Kinoti
‘We now have the means to collect watertight evidence that is difficult to be penetrated by the defence’
In Summary
• The directorate fully equipped to deal with criminals involved in child exploitation
• The wing will enable Kinoti to seize criminals who have resorted to hiding distant parts of the country


sahau dci , fbi wako rada


PUTIN and his dogs wako macho whole night
In whatever you do don’t mention them


they had to hide him on N … Nigga plizz

Tor iko swafi

C rahisi that’s why it’s known as dark-web. But know your way around yo are just scratching the surface. There is so much hidden and its upto to you to dig deep but it doesn’t mean its anything good and you could regret the adventure

there are some sites i saw. people in this world are sick. ktalk is a church compared to some of those sites. especially redrums and goths. those people are in desperate need of Christ.

used to visit a site kitambo called rotten.com. i just hope it stopped existing :confused:

nini iko huko?

ukitumia vitu kama gmail, yahoo or any other legitimate system to sign up login or recieve a message from there you will be nabbed. utashangaa mbona uko blacklisted huwezi pata entry into some countries. you might even find yourself on a terrorist watchlist. uko dark web ndiko akina CIA na FBI wanaishi. they only surface to take breath

Enda hapa
http://owmx2uvjkmdgsap2 .onion/
I dare you.

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This is interesting

This is interesting

vitu zote ambazo watu hudread, sidhani bado iko eg body decomposition in stages … 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 4 weeks etc


To be able to manouver dark web bila wasiwasi tafuta a good VPN too.