Dark screen on TCL Smart Tv

My house manager alizima TV jana. Leo nawasha its just dark screen. Nikimulika na torch i can see pictures .Make ni TCL Smart TV . I have restored factory settings bado haijakuwa solved .Shida inaeza kuwa gani?

Screen or power supply issues. If its the screen, its cheaper to buy one. I even doubt TCL replaces their screens. If its power supply maybe 10-15K depending on availability. Pole

“Today my house manager alizima TV jana leo” ???
Wacha kuumiza villagers vichwa nanii.

Nmekwamilia hapa … mujamaa what are you saying. Better make up your mind ni day gani tv ilizimwa

inakaa shida ya backlight hiyo kwisha

Backlight kwisha mine ilifanya hivo, nikareplace moja’…within a week ikachapa tena, had to replace backlight zote…its now ok

Watu wakiambiwa wanunue akina LG,Samsung and Sony wanateta ni expensive!
TV za TCL,Hisense etc ni kama akina tecno,oppo na xiaomi kwa simu.
Curious to know how long you’ve used the TV.

These are just overated items. Enzi za kujaza hao na sony ama samsung kutoka tv hadi radio zimeisha. TCL is making major sales in US proving its popularity. Huyu ni bahati mbaya tu.

In the west people replace TVs very often almost yearly si kama huku tunakaa na TV 5+ years during which time most TVs za bei rahisi almost always will have broken down.

The power supply board to the leds imechapa… Supposed to produce 110v but utapata due to some leaking capacitor the voltage supply is at 50v…
Ambia fundi apime the output and check the solid-state components kama atapata the culprit…
If not simply replace this board

Led strips/commonly known as back light are very cheap… Around 200 per strip nunua from aliexpress tengenesa TV na uuse mbio sana…
Hizi shida lazima tugawane…

hizi ndio zimechomeka,1500 per strip pale luthuli na kitu unaenda nayo nyumbani after nusu saa[ATTACH=full]245336[/ATTACH]

All LED have their own life span, so the more you watch your tv the more the LED will deteriorate. The backlight on tv are just like the normal LED bulbs in our living room, itafikia mahali itazima and you will need to replace them. That is how it works. Muache kusema sijui chinese and western products.

It’s a very simple statement.

I know a guy who fixes such issues Ako na a small workshop pale karibu Yaya Centre .He used work pale LG ,Riverside .

TCL is a good brand, been using mine for 2+ years strong with zero issue

I believe it could also be a software issue probably due to a failed shutdown procedure esp. if it was shut from the socket. I av bricked mine too several times trying to install unofficial updates. Mayb u cld try reinstalling the OEM firmware using a flash drive n see what happens.

TCL ni t.v sambamba kabisa. Go research one of the top-selling and critically acclaimed t.v in the U.S and Canada market and you will be suprised TCL is on that list.
Unlike LG, Samsung and Sony, TCL manufucture most of their t.v components. They don’t outsource that much. That’s why their tvs are cheaper.
In fact, TCL started out as manufuctering t.v parts for other companies before they decided to make their own tvs.

What’s the model number of the TV?

This is a simple issue to solve. Shida ni backlight zimeungua. Pelekea fundi and let him test all the strips to determine which ones have gone bad. Replace the bad ones and you have your tv back in a few minutes. However, be very careful about being ripped off by fundis who might try to take advantage of your ignorance. Breakdown the costs into testing for bad strips (300), buying new strips (200 per strip), and replacing the strips (300). Do not let some scheming fundi charge you 5000 bob as many are wont to do. If possible fanya surveillance kwanza and gauge what different fundis will charge. Make sure you mention what you want done.Apana enda kusema TV yako iko na shida, just tell them you want the backlights checked and replaced.