Dark Chocolate

The best … :D:D











the stomach has been compressed too much, if the costume drops, the tummy will sag

Siwezimind kuingia mkia. Nalipa 150


Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ghaseer umependa mavi sana

Dark girls are different flavor of fine

I wonder …
What is the age difference of those two …?? :smiley:


black berry

white meat ifykyk

She is his mother’s age mate

Monday, 31 January 2022 – Below is a trending photo of a sugar mummy who was caught on camera having fun with her Ben 10 at Club Tamasha in Eldoret.

The young man was busy grinding his sugar mummy’s derriere as they partied all night.

We understand that Club Tamasha is a hot spot joint for sugar mummies.


This one is robbing the cradle…


Some of those Juveniles there look 14 or 15 years old…
How do they allow kids into these joints …??? :D:D


25 Vs 57