Danson.mungatanas side dish drops a bombshel

Former Miss Kenya, Cecilia
Mwangi, now claims that she is
ready to get married to former
Garsen MP, Danson Mungatana.
Cecilia has for a long time been
Mungatana’s side-dish but she
now wants to make things
The former beauty queen claims
that they might do it at the AG’s
office or hold a grand wedding
where all will be invited.
While speaking in a recent media
interview, she added , “I am happy
with my situation and I remain
true to what I’ve devoted myself to.
He (Mungatana) is the father of
my child and nothing can change
that. But I wish not to dwell so
much on that,”
Danson is also alleged to have
another secret affair with KTN’s
Mwanaisha Chidzuga and they
even have a child.
Mungatana is a well known
womanizer who salivates on
anything in a skirt and most
ladies fall in love with him
because of his money, good looks
and power.
We will keep you informed on
this story but one just hopes that
a cat-fight between Mwanaisha
and Cecilia won’t erupt any-time

Nothing wrong with what danson is doing, don’t hate the player hate the game.