Dangel 4*4

a French company that used to modify vehicles to 4*4 especially the peugout 504.

Car enthusiasts, instead of watu kuweka spacer, sijui coil spring, sijui damper…

@introvert, fungua Dangel yako, tunaleta Mazda demio, inatoka jikoni ikikaa Land Rover defender

Picha ni muhimu afande

There’s a 4x4 505 I still see around.


fanya hesabu we introvert this into a 4x4

Following for my passo

…people to share photos. These Dangel 504 ziko Kenya though they were few. Height yake karibu height ya matatu

Makanika @introvert unaeza eka a diesel v8 kwa 504?

@Soprano did a thread hapo chini with info on this Dangel conversion.

Very possible.
The beauty of rear wheel drive cars is that as long as the engine bay is big enough, you can put anything you want.
This is a 4 litre VX V8 Petrol we put in a Mitsubishi Pajero short chasis (previously running on the overly fragile 2.8 turbo diesel).
The 504 has a larger engine bay than this Pajero.


Now there you got me onto something. Getting a 504 is not very hard. Thing is I have always had this “fetish” of Coal Rolling. Something very popular in Trumpstan…reason I asked you about Diesel V8 .
check this out



Coal rolling unsuspecting kenyans would make my world.

A very redneck thing to do.

:D:D:D:D Not Redneck if its coming from a 504.

Is that a new or second hand engine ?

2nd hand.

Naona wewe ni customer wa XADO products. DOT 4 brake fluid.

Hizi zingine ni kama kukunywa Legend.

I have been using their products too.

Ever used their engine revitalizant?

Googling it now.

Hehe…there’s a friend’s motor that I think could benefit by using it.