Damn Thieves

On Friday night, while we were sleeping, the enemy came and invaded my cattle. The thieves slaughtered 2 cows, killed another ( I bet they realized they may not manage to slaughter it before dawn), and cut the leg of another one. These cows were in their zero-grazing unit which I lock, and none of my employees heard any commotion as the thieves broke in and led the cows to their slaughter.

The sad part is that these were milk cows, and the two slaughtered had fetuses with EDD being Late this month and Early July. The one whose leg was cut is struggling to survive. A loss of over 300K overnight.

I feel like killing someone right now.


Da fuck! Iza jo.

pole sana Mrs. Mureithi


pole, where is this?

wapi mbisha ya EDD

Magumu, Kinangop.

Pole sana …kwanza hao ni wa kuunuha(wasting ) , lakini they seem to know thir way around

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Wtf pole @aviator that just someone who wanted to pass you off… They were not there for the meat but kill…

why slaughter and not steal? those are not regular thieves.

Huko ni mbali na town, how sure are you hiyo si inside job ya one of your farm hands? Biashara ya mbali mimi hui ogopa sana. Lakini since wewe ni karao utafinya mtu balls aseme yote

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Hawa si wezi

Inside job, most likely a disgruntled employee. Pole sana man

Pole sana mkubwa. wewe ni mzaliwa huko? the last i saw this ‘kiunuho’ as @Purr_27 put it it was against someone who had settled somewhere and was doing quite well for themselves. na wenyeji hawakufurahi. or disgruntled fellas/ ex- employees

Just to clarify, they carried away the carcasses of two cows. Left the head, skin and legs.

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Pole sana …Why would they leave a cow bila one leg…??? I can imagine the pain…

pole boss thats a loss, kwani ni kiambu. seems they had ready market

Si Kiambu ni Kinangop

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Its at the border of Kiambu and Nyandarua. My farm is on the road that marks the boundary.

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pole sana Mrs Mureithi

Pole sana @aviator. This is a huge loss. Did you have insurance?
By the way how much is an acre going for in that area?