Dame wana nyesha should not be bought alcohol

I happen to be among this school of thought who believe that it is extremely unfair and barbaric for a woman on her periods to lead a man into buying her drinks the whole night only later kumnyima goodies with the words “aki babe ningekupeh lakini nanyesha” They should be banned from bars and burned alive if found.

i agree with whatone of my team mafisi friends have posted , “Madem wako on period wanafaa wapakwe IEBC ink kwa kidole ndio mtu asiwabuyie drinks kwa club.”

Ni hayo tu kwa leo.

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i can spot a menstruating woman a mile away, its very easy from how she carries her self to the distinct odor in her skin, i do not understand it when a man says he had no idea he bought a rolling woman booze

those words have never prevented me from d!cking the chic


Picha ya kujicarry ndio tujue pia kubaff


hapo boss umetudanganya kidogo, unless you have the sense of smell of a blood hound and you can smell a woman wearing pads :eek::eek: Just how do they smell


@paparazzi don’t take too hard on your self, a hand job or bj would offer relief in the meantime.

Siezi nikakuta kitu inanyesha…

@Webdev yaani umejitolea kubuy jameson mbili @ 5k each hapo tribeca for her and her friends alafu unaambiwa nikubaya. :mad:

That should not prevent you from doing it. You just do it in the shower… At that time the pussy is normally very warm hata utajisahau
signed by IDS


huwa tamu sana btw…kwanza DF inakumaliza kabisa

That the reason ,she dumped u !!

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@Unicorn…can i ask for a chance…only one night…?

Disgusting… Lakini maji ya mtaro huzima moto

Yes you can ask.

i will inbox you…@Unicorn


[ATTACH=full]3882[/ATTACH] There is this part of the inner body called SPLEEN and most pple confuse it with pancreas . It manufactures blood in the body…its sweeter or tasty when half roasted (wakati ina damu damu) ,so t’shldnt dry kabisa…:::my point is pia kuma huwa tamu n tasty wakati ina damu damu, kwanza tht warmth.


Its called robbery without violence on men by the women species! However imei on several occasions aliamua kukamata hivyo hivyo hit the shower quickie and back to the shower
disclaimer : the smell of blood is disgusting tumia air freshner


kunyimwa urinyimwa; kweli rongo

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Dry frying a bloody punani is disgusting

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