Dame ana njarumi

GFf, turn on kabisa

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Ktalk iko na section ya “status update”. Vitu kama hizi peleka huko unamaliza space ya important posts from @bababibitoto na @waithira


Unicorn acha nituite coomer Leo

Anyone else understand what he’s trying to say?

Wapi supporting evidence…

think he is still high…:cool:

Ulikuwaje elder na hii upus yote? @ol monk file ya huyu msee iliwekwa wapi?

this is not just “high”- this guy should be put on suicide watch…in another post he was beginning to question the purpose of living as early as one am badala ya kwenda nyumbani kwa family…

I think he is using his real pic as his profile pic

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Very true …

Hey hey, nimeamka, hangs noma. nawamulika ma haters



Nikuite, btw. How comes Android 4.x inamushene ya spell checker ivi? Any solution?

enda settings
language and input
untick spell cheker

Default keyboard tena… Mboss SwiftKey ni free

I know that part, my previous phone Xperia something had the spell checker but you had to tap the auto suggested words. Hii by default it fúcks up by second guessing you, comprende?

Let me try and see

google keyboard is the most accurate… just update na uchange settings

The swift key app,no difference. @highschooler, the issue is the spell checker assuming am wrong most of the time.previously it was only suggesting words.

Sasa hata mmesahau the gist of the thread: ule mwanya kama wa Kanda Bongo Man.

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