Damaged Woman

Wadau…What are the signs of a damaged woman…Random thought…To save urself from emotional drama


Tulisema tatoo and the incessant need to get married off in a haste.

wale wenye huuliza if you truly love them every 5 minutes, Ogopa sanaa

she opens with statements like, “if you treat me right you will enjoy me for life”. she places herself as the prize to be won, yet the only thing she brings on the negotiation table is a pussy.

Demands too much attention.

Some are damaged while in their own homes, and will never exhibit those taletale signs.

ongezea ni zile mamba za kusema stuff like ‘the man who will have me will be lucky’

Complains about everything. You will know no peace

if she is 30+, does box haircut, dyed at the top, that sign is worse than tattoos and nosering combined… that breed of a woman will always talk to you with never ending chewing gum in mouth, and her statements are straight to the point (or rude if you like)

She keep changing fon lines
Always shaves her pussy clean
Drinks Guinness, tusker etc
Prefers doggystyle sex
Does blow jobs
Thongs are her favorite underwears

Nose ring, colored hair, anklet, waist beads, always defensive, always blames you, never disagrees with you, never complaints, ka anaitwa Caro or Mercy it is worse, shaves Mohawk or marine cut, drinks Guiness, can receive a phone call while you are drilling her

goto her social media, if a quarter of her posts are memes, she is a psycho. does not matter whether the memes are religious or not, they all scream the same about the woman; “a bitter psycho” behind the profile

Nose ring ishara tosha ya umalaya

If she is not in good terms with her father/ parents, if she was brought up by a single mother, if she is super introverted…hao ni silent killers, hatari, moto, fire

You’ll get the best sex from her, you’ll not be making the right decisions.

If she suddenly gets saved between 25&32 and all she prays,talks is how God is gonna bless her with a husband:D

Pull up, pull up. Leta complete hekaya, ii umesummarise zaidi

If her father is @FieldMarshal CouchP. Ujue tu huyo amezoea mambo ya pay bill just like her Dad.

Tattoo, nose piercing and ankle bracelet.