Daily presidential intelligence briefing

Ati kunasamekananga mdosi war national intelligence hu meet na president kila morning kumpa update ya vile kunaenda enda kwa ground nationally.


Assume in todays morning briefing, Ruto asked the intelligence boss.

How likely is it for the people to overcome political and tribal difference’s and act as one force against the economic situation/taxes the same said people are crying about today ?

What do you think the jesusi boss would tell Ruto ?

Preposterous to imagine that a president anywhere in the world would want the citizens to unite against anything. It is their dream that citizens are always divided so that they can take advantage of them through and through. Sahii Praying Mandis akitaka kupitisha kitu even through a referendum, he will rely on your being divided on various issues to pass whatever he wants. He knows he has a number of idiots he can count on to defeat any meaningful conversations.

I think jesusi atamwambia usiogope boss…huko kwa slums il mobilise this tribe to go after this other one and in a day or 2 watasahau you are the common enemy wachinjane wenyewe.

And then you mr president will come into broker peace and youl go down as the fountain of reconciliation.

Your excellency…weve done this before…rest easy.

Wonderful jesusi…now lets pray.

Hajj will be mute and be instructed instead.