Daily Nation, Taifa Leo, Business Daily, Velamma [2nd]

Daily Nation Tuesday 2nd June 2015:- http://www.mediafire.com/download/0lcbmw883jbfdgv/Daily+Nation+Jun+2nd+2015.pdf

Taifa Leo Tuesday 2nd June 2015:- http://www.mediafire.com/download/t2zmf6cp4vkhsl6/Taifa+Leo+Jun+2nd+2015.pdf

Business Daily Tuesday 2nd June 2015:- http://download1075.mediafire.com/gk36gvndjkhg/as9c5t4q456iwq7/Business+Daily+Jun+2nd+2015.pdf

Velamma eps 25:- http://www.mediafire.com/download/56u41oxm944udn6/Velamma+-+EP+25+-+Babu+the+Bully.pdf





@highschooler thanks and keep up the good work. Could you be posting on mediafire only? on google drive you have to click so many times before you get to the download.

sasawa boss pia hii mediafire ni kama google drive ni venye leo nime weka link za kudownload direct

nikiweka google drive ntatry kuweka link za direct downloads

though its only two pages, preview page then download page…
ntawekanga download page for both cases

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nani ako kakamega?

I swear this site is awesome. Because of you

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At 1/2 year, this has been superb…keep it up !

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Aurak niko kakamega