Daily Nation Editorial Cartoons

Ever since NMG bowed to pressure from the Jubilee Govt. & fired Gado, is it just me or have their editorial cartoons become so bland, mundane & just plain damn unimaginative??

Gado really knew how to pack a punch!

Does this mean that there is no other talent out there that can match or even surpass Gado? Ama the NMG Editorial decided to play bit safe? If so, maybe they should just lenga publishing these cartoons altogether coz they are WHACK!

Surely, what is this???


i second you, you have to really squint to make out what the cartoonist message is… Crap!!! but i hear he wasnt fired but took a sabbatical leave indefinitely. He is still on their payroll

They are running adverts looking for cartoonists, wapi yule Dodi Alfa Nyeti or this other guy who posted digital images claiming he has drawn them? Head to Nation Center ASAP, kuna job.


plus he has a thing with big noses and a lot of shadings

Enyewe we should start a hush tag # bringbackgado.
Ata kama ako hiyo saba sijui what kwani haezi tuma cartoons daily from where he is hiding? Must he physically be at NMG offices to submit his cartoons

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lakini kwa hii alishinda



noma sana haha atleast he managed to capture a lot of current events in a single picture


time magazine standards



Hujawahi wacha hii uinga ya Klost.

Gado runs Buni media too. Maybe he took a leave to focus on that

Uinga ni nini bwana New Villager?

He will catch up with time. We felt the same way when Gado took over from Maddo.


Is that Gathara guy the one who is on KTN morning express sometimes? That big nose he draws ni hio yake, he has a big one.

Maddo aka Tom Kelemba ni wa Standard. Or he used to draw cartoons in the Nation coz Gado pia amekaa.

GOK is one of the biggest advertisers in NMG and so unfortunately Capitalism had it’s way!It was a case of ‘Biting the Hand that Feeds You’.He was talented and he will be greatly missed.I wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors.