daily 2 odds soccer predictions

hello kenya talk, i will be posting daily 2 odd predictions.

follow along, thank you

don’t forget to stake responsibly.

here is today’s 2 odds

Official single 2 odds

English Premier League (18:30) Brighton vs Burnley - Over 2.5 @ 2.00


pls make a comment if you see this, so i know people are following my predictions

Uliekelea ama ilikuwa nywa maji

Sawa. Pia mi nasema sure bet yangu.
Southampton to win. Odd 2.05

Kwani unacopypaste from someone in Europe ama West Africa? Change the time to Kenyan time at least.

Wueh, ov 2.5 @ 9.50 currently.

lol hio game iliisha 0-0.
Heri bet yangu was a comfortable 2-0 win for Southampton

Official single 2 odds


Germany Bundesliga

Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich - Away to score both halves @ 2.07


Leta ingine cant take this guy serious bana luckily ckuwekelea hehehe

Aiiii ill wait and see yako ingune ilikuwa water banae

This is painful sana for me to write. But Bayern Munich will beat Borrussia Dortmund Odd 2.0

Ndio hiyo Bayern Munich marched on, winning 3-2.

Juventus to just barely come out tops against Lazio. Odds 1.91
Christiano Ronaldo to score. Odds 1.86 (i think he will get a goal in the second half when the odd will be higher).

Congrats on yesterday’s 2 odds winners.

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Official single 2 odds

England premier League (15:00) Leicester vs Wolves - Over 2.5 @ 2.25


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Well Ronaldo scored. So that was good. Juve conceded in the 95th minute! That was always going to be a close match.

I think for over mimi nitasema dutch league. Heerenveen vs AZ over 2.5 sijacheck odd bado. Nitaedit baadaye niinclude odd.
I expect both teams to score in a high scoring draw or either team to win by a slight margin.

Hii over ya huyu jamaa tena haikukam. Leicester imeisha 1:0.
Over yangu tayari ishaingia na hata game haijaisha bado

Bet za huyu jamaa zote zimechomeka

Bana ww ebu wekelea za leo zako zinakuja fiti…

Official single 2 odds


Netherland Eerste Divisie

Graafschap vs Cambuur - Over 3.5 @ 2.30