Dad wanted his son's wife, so he hired people to murder his biological 32 yr old father of 2 son

There’s a serious problem in families in Kenya and I don’t know why kiyuks are usually involved in the strangest cases.

Nearly two months of undaunted trail on suspects in the gruesome Murder of 32-year-old Daniel Mwangi Wang’ondu, bore fruits when DCI detectives unraveled the mystery behind the new year killing, three days ago.

Mwangi, a businessman at Nyeri’s Mweiga town, was found soaking in a pool of blood at the gate to his house in Wendiga village in the wee hours of January 1, 2021.

So puzzling was the motive behind his murder, that nothing had been stolen from him or his house, not even his Volkswagen Golf car beside which he lay lifeless.

Weeks of probing into the case by Mweiga-based detectives saw the intervention of the Central Regional Criminal Investigations Officer, guiding a team of DCI officers into vital clues drawn from the crime scene and forensic-led intelligence.

On Saturday, February 20, the first suspect; James Mahinda Mwangi, driver to the deceased’s father was traced to Nairobi’s Githurai area and pounced.

Upon interrogation, he led officers to Embu at Matakani area where two other suspects; Geoffrey Waturi and Eddy Kariuki Ngari were also arrested and the trio escorted to the RCIO’s offices in Nyeri.

Upon further investigations and to their shock, detectives established that the three long-time friends had been hired by the deceased’s father; Stephen Wang’ondu Kinini on December 2020 to murder his own son at a shillings 160,000 fee following a family feud.

Mr Wang’ondu had given his driver (Mahinda) a facilitation fee of 20,000 shillings, instructing him to form a team that would execute his hell-bent atrocity at the said fee.

Mahinda had then proceeded to Embu on December 31, where he picked his bloodthirsty accomplices, briefing them on their target, his residence, movements and the car he drove in.

Once in Mweiga, they had purchased a murder weapon at a local hardware, with which they cut the dreams of the father of two, suspectedly in the dead of the night.

The four, alongside a lady; Charity Muchiri who is believed to have been involved in the heinous plan were yesterday arraigned at Nyeri Law Courts on a miscellaneous application for more days to complete the investigations. Ruling on the same will be made on Friday 26.

Meanwhile manhunt has been launched for a sixth suspect; Raphael Wachira, who is also believed to have aided the suspects, and who has since run into hiding.

Daniel Mwangi was his dad’s favorite son, until the old man started making sexual overtures on his son’s wife, the wife then separated from her husband and went to live with the old man at his house. Aki wanaume, wanaume, wanaume. Imagine your mother moving in with your estranged husband? Who would kill who?

His other favorite son Thuita from his first wife drowned under mysterious circumstances in the family dam in 1994.

When things were good between dad and son, now murdered, the dad had given him a soda depot and petrol station to manage.

The FB handle of the lovely lady who caused a killer dad to kill is Dafri Lovely Njeri.


very sad.

This is beyond shocking. What kind of man takes his son’s wife?!!

In arab world mungiki community can be christened best as KUFARs that community is shameless naturally.

What about peaceful somalia

First of all the old man has several wives. Secondly he refused to open gates of the family dam for neighbors to save him when his son Thuita was drowning, after the death, he took up with the drowned son’s wife but later chased her away. The man was buying out land around his home and if someone refused to sell, he’d buy all land around the person’s land and deny the person acess to the road until they sold land to him. He also caused accidents which he never helped or compensated those he hurt. That’s the kind of man.

It can then be said he’s the devil’s own.

His neighbors are happy to have him stay in jail though hes requesting bail on health grounds that has blood pressure and diabetes

Sometimes people doubt there is such a thing as the devil–the supernatural spirit of evil. They argue that man is capable of all evil. True, man is “capable”, but why is man so motivated to carry out evil so conclusively, and without remorse?
Where does such raw, inhuman energy–as is needed to sustain the resolve to destroy one’s own child and steal his wife–come from? I think that can only come from a supernatural source of limitless evil, the devil–what some social scientists call nihilism–the belief that all things moral don’t mean shit, you can do as you please. Man becomes ruthless and worse than animal when he submits to a life of no moral boundaries, when he chooses to believe that all things are permitted. So he could buy out all his neighbours–just because he could; block them from their lands, just because he could; kill his son, just because he could; and take his daughter-in-law to bed, just because he could!
When there are no mental barriers, there can be no barriers to any sort of action, no matter how terrible.