Daadab to Be Closed in 3 Months

DP Ruto says the process of closing the refugee camp to be fast-tracked so that those affected can be relocated to their country within the next three months. Best news so far and I fully support.


I can bet that the camp will still be there after three months

I know. The government is incompetent. But if those refugees are relocated by 2016, then it will still be good for all Kenyans.

A very wrong move.
We all know most of those refugees in camps will start coming to Nairobi before they even do the shutdown.

Why can’t they post not less than 10000 soldiers and military tanks to cover all that border stretch and let the GSU be patrolling all those affected counties including Manning those checkpoints

forceful relocation of population…

Just relocate them to a safe region over the border in somalia, i bet that cant be so hard. When u invite a stranger to your home and he abuses your generosity by shittn at your doorstep you chase the matapaka away


there will be a humanitarian crisis and al shabaab will still strike again. they dont need the camp. after all you think al shabaab is existent because of the camp? So those four niggers trekked to garrisa town or to westgate from daadab at night?

It is just not because of the AL-shabaab. That camp drains a lot of our resources and it does not add value to Kenya’s progress anyway.

Hiyo border ifungwe AK47 ziache kuletwa kenya kuuziwa majambazi. At least zipande bei

Somali refugees to go back to Somali because they are sympathisers of Al Shabaab.
But watch Raila opposing the closing of Daadab just to try and score political points

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It should have been closed last year. That is where al-shaitans hide and come and kill innocent Kenyans.

To tame alshabab needs more than just closing the camp. The magic bullet may be registration of persons and having a centralised database. I wish these security guys would watch crime tv for just one week and see how important a centralised database of persons helps.

The camp host refugees frm many ctries rather thn Somali… n many NGO guys r employed there … it wuld b unfair to punish the pple there due to Alshabab

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Which other nationalities apart from Somalis are in Daadab? I’m curious to know

Am high nw am nt able to knw…will tell u kesho

ha haa. weka mbisha ya high ama ni hekaya



Typical Ruto playing to the gallery.

A country that does not have a forensic lab yet boasting of being the most developed among paupers and beggars???
every time someone is shot or killed, there should be forensics people at the scene first to collect everything. There should also be a government coroner for like every county who is there with is vehicles and equipement to do the first examination and collect the body and do full autopsy and professional report for use in investigation and prosecution in case of a murder. Once murders are handled this way, you can at least say lives are worth something here. And I believe it should be harder to get into police force and at the same time there should be paid better. Like a policeman getting a minimum 60,000 net cash in an account shouldnt be all that expensive and believe me things will change.There would be something to work dilligently for. Some of these things are no that expensive. At least not more expensive than 10000 new poorly paid recruits some of whom are gooing to die why others are going to become epically corrupt.

In kenya a murder like kapedo massacre happens and a week later journalists are there playing with the spent cartridges. They should have been collected together with the lorry and everything for examination and matching with any recovered guns so we can know who killed who na tuwafunge culprits. That way robberies, murders, banditry and terrorism could be over very fast. Otherwise everything else is a movie by politicians for citizens to watch.


I concur 100%, the ferking camps will still be there after 90 days.Don’t believe any crap these politicians utter.