da maafaka messin wid online forex trading



Together with his possy they got away with 1 Billions shillings.

They didnt get away with it…it is still frozen in their account at family bank.

Frozen funds are around 300m, the deposits were over a billion. They are claiming whatever you are saying ndio wasikatwe kichwa na mad investors.

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I dont pitty those guyz that were conned, I once went to that page and started asking some hard questions and all they could tell us ni ati “God has come to save them” I just left and wished it could go on for longer so that they lose the most. People on that wall are thick as hell

Incidentally, a lister I met on Klist was deep in to it and my attempts to extricate him from the mess didn’t seem to help much. Apparently he was employed at their office in sijui Corner House ama ni wapi, I forget. In his opinion, I was the foolish one. Well, such is life.

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The golden rule of investment:
When the deal is too good…

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… you are the fool

[QUOTE=“Hunter Xp, post: 27478, member: 134”]
… you are the fool

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This was talked about on klist na watu wakakubaliana that hamna kuingia ndani

But every pyramid scheme has a period that one can actually reap and run away. I followed the discussion on wazua and there was a guy who put his money in this VIPortal early on and walked away with almost 150% profit, the key is to know when to walk away and not to be greedy and invest what you are willing to lose.