Cytonn Towers sold 20% space on the 1st day of sale


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Nilisha book ka office hapo

kama wewe umebook pia @culture amebook

cough cough 20% pre-sales of the residential tower only. that’s 7 out of 105 floors. Impressive figures, but I highly suspect this is the angel’s cut. The part that the developers/consultants/associates keep in lieu of fees.

Haiya.Salaala.Yani unadhani mimi ni mtu hivi hivi?

dont get me wrong…am not saying you havent booked


I hadn’t thought of it like that. However I wish them good luck. These towers will be amazing.

hurry, over 70% sold

good old advertising trick

Huh, so you are also here?
Shops at Nakumatt,
Drives imported cars(never mind Kenya isn’t a car manufacturer).
Books space in high end office block.
What have we got here?
Dude, aren’t you overdoing yourself?

Then kidogo kidogo we see the building decorated with Red Drape screaming out ‘To Let’…

I wish them good luck thou

this tower looks dope. reminds me of a dream building i always wanted to put up. maybe one day.

which threads are these where kijana anajimake?

It’s the sales equivalent of kuwa na wale wasee huketi kwa matatu ndio ikae imejaa

20% of 20bn=4bn.
is that how much they collected today?

the entire space is not worth 20 bn. That is the amount used to construct. If we go by your assumption it means their ROI is one year? impossible

Search threads ‘Nakumatt junction opening tommorow’ and 'on Sato I got arrested for no reason . ’

hehehehehe nimeona

Hizo ni miti za avocado naona huko 20th floor!!

huitwa kupiga seti.