Cyton Investment - The Alma Ruaka progressing very well.

#TheAlma is positioned in the heart of the fast growing Ruaka neighborhood only a 30-minute drive from the CBD.
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Who are the owners now.and do they still say the economy is bad

The only bad economy is an empty bank account and penniless and light wallet.

Construction is one thing, selling is another.

Na this Ruaka place, kwani all investors are going there? from Two Rivers, now this Alma, I hear Safaricom Investment also has a similar project. Then there is Rosslyn Riviera just next. Could all these people be wrong?

Wakimaliza tuambie tununue


The rooms look squeezed.

Hizo palm trees naona kwa design zitapandwa?

hehe naona kuna zingine hadi kwa balcony :rolleyes: