Mbona mmetoa thread nikiwa katika harakati za kuipitia. Nime click next page… thread could not be found

hata mimi…

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I was still in page 1…fuck you @admin

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Hii series naona ikifika season 50, saa hii tuko season 1 episode 9.
@mayekeke mbona mugoks imechelewa


@Sovereign2 umedelete?

I thought the issue in that thread was @Sovereign2 WRONGLY complaining about Gunia Wiki Hii? And how is that bullying? Nikikuwa page 2 and @introvert covered the issue properly:
there is no bullying here. It was satire on actual events


@roots uko na Ile picha ya that one auntie wa kugawa food in all family events?

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Majuzi tu in a mad rush to break news i made a grave mistake, the subject wasn’t dead. What followed next was a massacre, ES was not spared. Sweeps from all corners. It lasted a day or two and i took it in my stride and the storm passed.


Allegations of Guniabullying ehh

washa nitafute kwa server

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I have it all still open in tabs, yeah… Ukitaka screenshot niambie before I close my browser!

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Weka Ile sweep ya dedicated plumber

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@Miss Finest Wine i didnt get that far into the thread like i said but from what I gather @Sovereign2 caught feelings over gunia wiki hii and guys were telling him off for that. Sure gunia was based on the events of @DeliciousShiko’s thread but i dont think that was what was being discussed. @introvert’s drawing are a version of what he reads in the threads, be it a hekaya or what transpired. He doesnt go out attacking people out of nowhere which i what I think you take issue with in that thread of Shiko’s.

I could be wrong about what goes on past page 2 of @Sovereign2’s deleted thread, but then again, why should the thread have been deleted?


leta…i want the full story

don’t push it madam…wacha tu ipite…


with what?

He went to spend time with his American flag

weka weka

Yes its a storm in a tea cup,it will surely pass
. This is why we advocate for talkers to create other handles to be used during such volatile periods before the heat dies down.

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