cyber roam

How can i by pass it to access some restricted websites without being noticed?

use tor browser

How does that work mujamaa?

download and install it works as a virtual machine and bypasses every site

Uliza shaniqua.

Na umwambie pros & cons za kutumia TOR.
one of them being on the FBI radar as a suspected child porn peddler or arms dealer. beware

tena TOR inaeza kuwa na loading times mwenda…

Tor is slow. Use a vpn. We covered that jana

Easier method than ya vpn…
Kama uko kwa pc na browser ni mozilla ama chrome, go to the addons market n install an addon called ZENMATE… its free to use. Just register to it with your email address halafu select a county. It will mask you ip address to that country. To bad sina mneti kwa lappy saa hizi ningekuonyesha practical demo

Yah VPN is good Tor requires very strong/reliable bandwith
See my VPN takes me to India playstore

Hio I can tell is an institution installation. Used to bypass using VPN but when I advised a friend who works in a different institution with cyberroam installation, it never used to work even with VPN and i guess the rules were stricter. I think it depends with the admin wa mtaa ya kwenu (not sure)…


vpn all the way :slight_smile:

i have used vpn. it has given me an ip for chicago.

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