Cyber Billing Software

Hi Wadau, jinsi hii economy ni mbaya , mninja nikaona opportunity ya kuventure kwa biz ya cyber mtaani.
ile msaada naomba ni mnieleze nitatumia billing program gani poa
Thn i just have a 3g tp link na four computers , No server.
Maelezo yenyu itanisaidia sana

truecafe never lies, monitors even printing and scanning

Cyber attendant @captain obvious leta tako pande hii usaidie hii kijana

cybercafepro software… i’ve used it before works pretty well …but cant assure you if its the best

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Antamedia is one of the best Internet cafe software in its market and was established in 2002. It has too many well-known customers. It is not free to get, but it is worth to buy and add it to your programs. Antamedia has all the general functions that Internet cafe software must-have. Each package includes the number of Wi-Fi connections that allow controlling the wireless network users. All editions of Antamedia empowers the function of charge or block time bills for a minute or hour, depending on your choices.