I have noticed that nowadays it’s not trendy to bomoa ugali barehanded.even the ghetto hotels now have guests coerced into using forks and spoons in the simple exercise of eating ugali madondo mix.
I dread attending parties which require attendees to eat using tools/cutlery. over the years I have feigned illness,fasting,diarrhoea etc just to avoid the need to use forks,spoons,knives to eat.
Why would someone use a knife at the dinner table? shouldn’t the butcher/mama mboga/cook cut the food into palatable pieces before it hits the dinner table?

I have expensive cutlery that I have never used stored in my kabat for display purposes peasant upbringing is partly to blame for my hate for cutlery.the closest to me using some crude form of cutlery is those tu toothpicks ya kudunga Chipo and bajia issued in those self-service restaurants I take mama boi to on our way to uhuru park.
When I was growing up spoons were only used to stir sugar in tea or feed mom cooked serious food that could only be best enjoyed without the aid of cutlery.ugali and meat stew was reserved for the champion league of meals -supper.
githeri,waru,mchele were reserved for lesser meals league like snacks,lunch or breakfast . we were also forced to be creative especially when the month was in a corner and mom cooked mrenda.we made spoons out of the ugali by pressing a Crater using thumb finger into the ugali to scoop the slimy mrenda.
I have noticed si shibangi nikitumia forks,chopsticks,spoons etc.if you want your kids,hubby or your self to be healthy, and happy like shingo upande,pls avoid those cutlery.wash hands before and after every meal.

Have a blessed Sunday talkers.may the kegs in your local pubs never run out.

As a Muslim I use my hand wherever I go

It daent matter ni wapi

Plus, I am too old to be proving a point through cutlery


Kwa yale yote umesema naona tuko pamoja

Ukona ‘umtaa’ mingi sana

Fingers were made before forks , so said wisemen.
. .
Nimewahi enda hoteli , ordered fish/ugali n the waiter brought it with a spoon, knife and fork. Was like what the fuck is this? Nilibomoa kwa mikono and never even touched those. Hata restaurants za tao ziko na hiyo tabia

Hata chicken kukula na fork na knife naonanga ni waste of time.

Tuko pamoja kabisa.[ATTACH=full]61550[/ATTACH]

Nawa both hand, hold that breast or drumsticks n tear them like you don’t give a damn . Its your money

What i see on the table nikienda dinner…[ATTACH=full]61556[/ATTACH]

nikianza kukula they turn to this…[ATTACH=full]61557[/ATTACH]

Mimi ata hizi big hotels like sarova and likes huwa nabomoa na mkono. I realised no one cares what you use when eating as long as you eat with your mouth.

tafadhali anza kutumia na uonyeshe watoto wako…dining etiquette is now considered a part of management training. you cannot negotiate a deal over lunch or dinner when you are uncomfortable/uneasy you’ll mess up the paraphernalia…na usichukue starter soup utumie kama stew ya wali kama dame mwingine mahali ingine…:smiley:

Please don’t say more, wherever you go says it all… .


Someone once said you must have cleant toilets in buckingham palace. I now believe. Utapata @gashwin amestruggle kukula ugali na chopsticks ati because you are with a Chinese delegation. Dinner in your house must be boring.
Anyway, i also hate such stuff and @gashwin you are wrong. I would feel very uneasy eating rice with sticks infront of strangers. Infact half the contents of my plate would end up on the floor. You will be ok as long as you are confident. I once had lunch with some visiting mzungus, chicken was on the menu,they had rice, i requested ugali to be prepared and deliciously savoured every bite. Mid meal one of the guys was really impressed with the dexterity i was handling the ugali he commented, i like how you eat. Never felt prouder

kuku unaishika war na mikono na ukimaliza unalamba vidole

tuturize bori kama kiunjuri…
i will be honest i couldn’t hack chopsticks and even the ones i brought back with me from china are on display in my cabinet as souvenirs. i have never even tried to use them, i have given up on mastering the grip. i would also not attempt to eat tilapia with knife and fork. it’s not practical. but i wouldn’t deny my kids the chance to learn to use knife and fork; i wouldn’t want them to feel the culture shock i felt when i was corrected on the right way to hold the gandam things. one feels discomfited and it can plunge your self esteem. we are in a globalizing world and my kids do not have to carry the u-peasantry i left behind to the next generation…


whenever I attend a luncheon or when treated to a dinner or a retreat I never waste time with cutlery, I always wash my hands first, or wait for the hot towels then my choice is usually sembe chicken (kienyeji)…
in most cases especially when accompanied by a lady…she will start of with cutlery then notice the futility of eating chicken with a fork and join me in using our hands…


Hapa unafaa unielimishe coz mimi naweka nangoja hiyo mcheti isije…nikimwagia inakuwa nyororo…