Cut People off

This is just a rant about people who complain about things or people but won’t let them go. So I don’t understand why you should complain about anything if either you can’t leave it alone or you can’t, or don’t want to live with out it. I am saying this as someone who hears a lot of complaints. Kuna mtu anaeza kucomplain about one person for two hours but ukimshow just cut the person off they won’t do it.

Mambo ni mawili. Either you accept some body the way they are or you get rid of them. Bitching about someone all the time is weak. It’s a sign of being powerless and weak. Either uvumilie, suck it up ama uwachane nayo kapsa. Life is very short folks let go of every thing that isnt adding value and happiness to your life especially toxic folks in your life. Sio kucomplain tuuuu. End of rant. I’m too tired to write an essay and my Injera is here.

Perhaps take your own advice and try not complain about other people?