Customs duty

This goes to wazito wa clearing and forwarding wa hii kijiji.How does one go about paying customs duty for an old vehicle,maybe an ex gk?Am in Nakuru where I have asked around but seems wenye wako huku wana deal with vehicles they have imported only.

Go to KRA customs at Times Tower 10th floor with the logbook of the vehicle. They will do a valuation of the vehiclr based on that log book or they may ask for the vehicle to assess it. Out of that valuation report, KRA will calculate the duty you will pay. Go to NTSA to change logbook to read ‘duty paid’.


Thanks alot.

Are you importing cars from other country?

No.Buying one that was imported but duty was not paid.

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Yep, I can assure you that :slight_smile:

You need to get a clearing agent to lodge an entry for you and do registration. I can refer a few

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