Cushitic countries boycott Kenya



Shida zao , they can go hang…

1,000tonnes is nothing. Majority were counterfeit goods.

Mombasa port has sealed all loopholes thanks to cargo scanning.

Lamu port will be such an attractive transshipment hub it will literally give them no choice but to submit.

Somali is a long standing member state of the Arab League of Nations …and not the Cushitic

Ghasia, ungekuwa ulihami kwa shithole kitambo but you know that country aint shit…

So what? Ghasia hao wacha wahame

Kenya’s number 1 trading partner is Uganda. We need Uganda more than we need anybody else.
Our ties with Uganda are much more than trade. [SIZE=1]Uganda ladies introduced us to kachabali [/SIZE]and Uganda schools have been educating our youths for decades.
Only Uganda has shikad Kenya by the balls.
Somali Ethiopia and Tanzania are replaceable as far as Kenya’s future is concerned

Majirani wetu wako na attitude. They think all Kenyans are shiny eye. Some years ago tumefika town fulani TZ wenyeji wakasemezana ati mungiki wamefika bei ya bidhaa ipandishwe.

Kenyatta’s mismanagement of our foreign policy will cost us for the next 100 years. This is just the beginning.

You’re wrong. If Kenya is to grow and be an actual King of this East African hill like it pretends to be, were need to increase trade with Somalia and Ethiopia considerably. Just because UG is our main trading partner doesn’t mean it has to remain so.

Kenya ni mharooo we think tuko on top lakini Hamna kitu.

We are the king of this East African hill. In Africa there are about 5 major countries that are gateways to the continent. South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya and Morocco.
You cannot trade with people who seek to sabotage you. Kenya bends over backwards trying to accommodate some of these nations and we get nothing but slaps and kicks. Kwanza Somali.

Why do we hate ourselves this much,not even one statement in solidarity with our own country.Jeez

Not all of us have that sickness. Don’t lump us all in the same boat

Do we even have a foreign policy that integrate with that of our neighbours?

For the 2017/2018 period,

Uganda cargo through the port of Mombasa was 224,847 tonnes, Democratic Republic of Congo cargo was 61,431 tonnes and South Sudan’s was 28, 410 tonnes.
Rwanda’s cargo volume increased by 17,788 tonnes, which was 27 percent during the period under review.

but we’re expected to lose sleep over a measly 2000 tonnes? When super shithole South Sudan outperforms you in anything, you can’t make any serious demands.

Jana nili post barabara za Namibia and the place looks like Europe. Meanwhile Kenya tu ni corruption na ujinga mob.

When these horn of Africa countries start changing economically tutakuwa tunasena Kenya was a top dog tukiwa huko nyuma.

somalia to change hao wanajua vita tu bombing and shooting each other they are busy bringing guns and refugees here they can go hang

The only thing we can export to Somalia ni bunduki na risasi wauawane twendee kuuza buroti maguta maguta.

The issue of clans superiority will continue keeping them behind for another century.